Clarrisa Woods

Aspiring Artist

Clarrisa | 29 | he/she | Genderfluid | Grey-Ace Pan | Freelance Concept Artist and IllustratorWelcome to my Carrd!
Below are a few links to various generally art related social media's, feel free to give them a look!
I'm currently looking for work, Commissions are open and professional is more than welcome!
Also looking for internship opportunities. So far I have had the opportunity to work on Borderlands 3 with Gearbox Software.
Commission info is the first dark red paintbrush icon!Feel free to DM/Email/message me for any reason. I'm very extroverted so I welcome messages! You don't have to ask to follow any of my social media for I welcome interactions!Carrd Referral Code:
Using this code to sign up with or upgrade your account type when checking out helps me out and costs nothing! Please feel free to use it.
P-do, Proshipper, Inc-st, Noncon/Lolicon/babyfur, etc of the like, DNI. Seek help.