Clarrisa Woods

Aspiring Artist

Clarrisa | 28 | she/he/it | Genderfluid | Grey-Ace Pan | Concept ArtistWelcome to my Carrd!
Below are a few links to various generally art related social media's, feel free to give them a look!
I'm currently looking for work, Commissions are open and professional is more than welcome!
Also looking for internship opportunities. Commission info is the first dark red paint brush icon!
Feel free to DM/Email/message me for any reason. I'm very extroverted so I welcome messages! You don't have to ask to follow any of my social media for I welcome interactions!Carrd Referral Code:
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P-do, Proshipper, Inc-st, Noncon/Lolicon/babyfur, etc of the like, DNI. Seek help.